Coyote Decoy-Goose Deterrent

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Coyote Decoy-Goose Deterrent
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The life-sized Coyote Decoy is a safe, humane and effective solution to Canada Goose problems that arise at apartment buildings, golf courses, subdivisions, corporate sights and even homes. Comprised of an EVA body and a polypropylene stake, the coyote decoy is made more realistic with the addition of a furry tail.The coyote decoy is most effective, when visible from any given location on the pond. Therefore, it is generally recommended that 1 to 4 decoys be utilized per acre. By relocating the decoys periodically and utilizing the tall weeds and grass around the pond to simulate the hunting activity of a coyote, geese on the pond should become uneasy and relocate to another property.

Model: CDGD

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