Muskrat Tube Trap

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Muskrat Tube Trap
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The slim profile fits well into muskrat runs, trenches, and in front of the submerged hole of the shoreline dens. As a muskrat leaves the den, it will pass through the tunnel and be forced directly into the cage. The drop door facing the tunnel will slide upwards upon entry, and then drop down behind the animal once inside. The animal will be trapped, as muskrats are unable to lift the drop doors to escape. Multiple muskrats may be trapped at a time inside one cage, as a den normally holds a family of several individuals.

Attention: Many states have a specific hunting/trapping season for animals such as muskrats. Check regulations with your state's Department of Natural Resources/Wildlife or local extension office before releasing any wild animals in any location. It is illegal to release wild animals in many locations due to the hazard of contagious diseases.


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