1nm Solar Beacon Lites White

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1nm Solar Beacon Lites 1nmSolarBeaconLites
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Solar Beacon Lites for docks or decks

Solar Powered Channel Marker Beacons are the most practical and cost effective solution for safely marking channel markers, pilings, and other obstructions at night. Universal mounting flange and bracket make it easy to mount anywhere in seconds. Help protect nighttime boaters from hazardous unlit obstacles.

Most Solar Beacons direct and focus their light in a very narrow beam with low vertical divergence to increase their “rated” viewing distance. This often creates a problem for units not mounted perfectly level or on unstable objects such as buoys. Much like shining a laser level with the horizon any bit off level and your laser is shining into the sky or down into the water. This creates a problem for boaters who are not directly within the narrow vertical divergence of the light source and may result in them not seeing the light.

Lake Lites Solar Powered Channel Markers have a wide vertical divergence making these units perfect for lighting objects that need to be viewed no matter the boaters position. No need to worry if the light is not mounted perfectly level or if the lighted obstacle is unstable or moving. With a much larger vertical divergence these units will ensure visibility to boaters regardless of their position.

Solar Mooring Light

Key Advantages:

  • Self Sufficient
  • 1+ nm Visibility
  • Automated
  • 70+hrs Run time on full charge
  • Installs Anywhere in Seconds
  • Cost Effective Safety Lighting

**Not a Coast Guard approved navigational light. Not intended for navigational beacons on commercial waterways.

**Lake Lite Inc.™ or authorized retailers shall not be liable for incidental, consequential, property, or special damages arising out of or in connection with product use or performance.


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