Self-Wicking Planter with 1000 Series Pole Connector

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Self Wicking Planter (No Pole Connector 401000476
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Self-Wicking Planter - Add some color to your life — and your dock!

Enjoy your favorite flowers and plants while you relax on your dock. The new Connect-A-Dock Self-Wicking Planter makes gardening easy! Simply add a pole connector to your 1000 Series (LP) existing dock, slip in the planter with attached wicking system and you’re ready to plant your favorite flowers.* In minutes, you can turn your dock into a colorful waterfront garden! So go ahead, take the time to “smell the roses”!

You deserve it! And it's easy with Connect-A-Dock!

The new Connect-A-Dock Planter is a colorful addition to any existing 1000 or 2000 Series dock. With the Self-Wicking System, your plants* will receive all the moisture they need — no garden hose or watering can is necessary!

Classically designed to look like a Grecian urn and cleverly molded with a faux granite look, this Planter will definitely add a touch of class — and don’t forget color! Take only a couple of minutes to add your favorite plants and flowers and get ready to relax and enjoy time in your new waterfront Eden!

Self-Wicking Planter parts

Self-Wicking Planter attached to 1000 Series dock

Model: SWP1000

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