Reward Aquatic Hebicide, 1 Gallon

PN: 700387

Reward Aquatic Hebicide, 1 Gallon 400004036
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This landscape and aquatic herbicide is effective in the control of floating, submerged, and emergent weeds such as coontail, duckweed, and pondweed varieties. The active ingredient diquat dibromide is a contact defoliant, non-selective, herbicide that rapidly kills undesirable weed growth, with results visible within a few days.

Application rates vary from 1/2 to 2 gallons per surface acre, depending on the weed to be treated. Restrictions for livestock and domestic use apply when using this chemical.

This item can't be purchased if you live in: MI, CA, OR, WA, ME, RI, VT, CT or NJ

Model: RAH1G (1 Gal.)

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