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Sea Tech Anchor - SK JET 400003817
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Jet Ski or PWC anchoring system for permanent mooring (Skrew)


To make permanent mooring, to anchor floating docks or fish farms basins, etc... For equal weight, the helicoids anchors have a higher holding than any other type of anchor. As compared to the temporary anchors, they don't dredge on the sea bottoms, and don't require a great water height ratio for the mooring line.

They are thus respectful of the sea-beds ecology. The "Skrew" anchor is made out of high strength steel. The rod is forged in only one metal bar with a round eye fixation. Fixing is carried out using a bar passed in this eye.

Advantages - For an inexpensive price, the holding of the helicoids anchors is the highest. Made of hot dipped galvanized stell, so the lifespan is very long.

Specifications for Jet Ski Mooring

  • Length of Shank - 0.5m 19.7"
  • Dia. of Shank - 30mm 1.17"
  • No. of Disc - 1

Jet ski mooring anchoring

Model: SK JET

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